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Semi-friends Locked.

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Alexine <3


Noticed anything new on my LJ? Woot wooottt! I seriously love my layout and header. And hoshit yeah. I made that header~ 8D Probably one of the best I've made. keke. I don't really know what was with me earlier when I made that. I just wanted to make something nice before I went to work. lol

This is actually the first time to pimp my LJ layout. Well, it's not as hard since there are a lot of pre-made layouts. :] I probably won't change this anytime soon. Well, probably if BB releases new HQ pics for their comeback. XD <333 Awesome shit, I can't wait!

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My Beautiful Hangover

Serious. The first time I heard this Beautiful Hangover song, I WAS ECSTATIC. Now that they've released it, I AM STILL ECSTATIC! How much I love this songgggg!!!! Bigbang is my beautiful hangover!

No one probably knows how much Big Bang means to me. I love them so fucking much that I can't even comprehend why I spent 80% of my allowance, Christmas and birthday money back in college, begged money to my parents for their releases and spent so much time helping other fans have fun and to learn more about the boys without any cost and seeking something in return. But I guess I don't need to have reasons? Maybe it's just fate. Or maybe I really needed them in my life.

For whatever reason, no regrets. Big Bang brought more than awesome music in my life. If not for them, I won't meet awesome friends whom I can run to when I have problems outside the fandom. I can talk to them even outside the complexities of Kpop and it would relieve me of stress just by talking to them. You can say, I've developed deep human relationships with my liking of Big Bang. I could pay so much more just to meet friends like these. :) <3

And now that Big Bang turns four, I can never be thankful to them, to YG, to my friends and to everyoneeeeee-- to the whole universe! Sure, these 5 boys have invaded my life and distracted me a lot but, heyyyy its all good. Being distracted never felt so fucking good when it's Big Bang we're talking about.

So to commemorate their 4th anniversary and to wish for GD's 22nd birthday, I'm posting my Filipino oneshot entitled, "Pagtingin" (for those who can understand Tagalog, yes, the PUN is intended. Pagtingin can mean "look" or feelings for someone). I have been trying to develop this into full English fanfiction but I somehow can't do it. T_T So all I have at this point is the original piece, which I did for my Retorika (Rhetoric) class. Kinda proud of this piece since I got 4.0 despite me being bad in Filipino. I remember pulling an allnighter for this and apparently, it was good that I decided to just make a fanfic. XD

This short piece is about Kwon Jiyong and an Original Character. Read on if you want (and if you can. Believe me, I really want to translate this into English).

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That One Way Ride
ROFL One Way
I just compiled my two One Way accounts from wordpress since I'm too lazy to make another post. So expect this to be a VERRRRRRRRYY long entry. About 5000 words. LOL 

By the time One Way comes back here and holds a concert, I AM SO GONNA BUY THE S-VIP TICKETS AND SHALL PULL STRINGS AGAIN. Yes, in summary, they are that awesome.

10-7-31 / One Way @ E-Live + The Buzz + SM Megamall showCollapse )

I finally arrive to the last leg of my One Way fan account. :) It has been a long journey and I am just so thankful that it happened. I got to spend it with awesome friends (Jemnise, Ate Meg and Kris) :D <3
On to the last leg of the One Way journey: Sending Peter, Chance and YoungSky to the airport :) Collapse )

One Way in Manila~
WOW. This day is just so WOW. I can't even explain what I am feeling at this moment because it's almost indescribable. I actually don't know how to start this entry without breaking out in caps lock and smashing keyboard. Really. I never thought One Way would be this awesome live. Tumblr's FUCKYEAH adjective would really make sense right now.

Pics under the cut. PLEASE DO NOT HOTLINK OR TAKE OUTSIDE WHERE I POSTED IT! I couldn't watermark it this time because I'm just so so so so tired right now. D:Collapse )

I need a kick!
So far, yesterday was the best Friday I've had since I graduated from college. Awesome friends and an awesome movie do go well hand in hand. :) Some friends and I decided to watch Inception after shopping for gifts for Bigbang :) Since it was becoming a hype among our peers and had very good reviews, might as well find out what's the hype about! Well, we are impressed. The movie was one heck of a rollercoaster and we enjoyed every bit of it: the star studded cast to the mind fucking, brain damaging plot. Gah, I could have paid a lot more for this movie and it would be still worth every fricking cent. And this is aside from the fact that Ken Watanabe, Joseph Gordon -Levitt and Leonardo Dicaprio are among the main cast.

SPOILERS TO THE AWESOME-EST MOVIE EVER! Thanks for the mind fuck, Christopher Nolan. Totally appreciate it! <3Collapse )

Da vinci, ey?
I've been meaning to make another blog but some things just came up in the past few days. So, as usual, a couple of days ago, I asked my brother his homework. He told me that he had to draw Go, Glow and Grow foods in a 1/8 illustration board.

Yeah. Go, Glow and Grow foods. So gradeschool. I don't remember calling it that when I was in Highschool? o_oCollapse )

BBPH POST: [MUST READ] ALL ABOUT PROJECT#4: ONLY BIGBANG, Everything you need to know!^^

Hello VIPs!

We know you’ve been wondering when we will be having our 4th Project for BigBang! We apologize for the long wait~ The core and staff has planned out and prepared a new project for our boys – BBPH Project 4: Only BigBang!

Gifts for each BigBang member
Project Book #4 – Will contain events we have organized/participated in from July 2009 – July 2010, message and graphics section for each BigBang member and a lot more ^^
Project 4 DVD – Videos from our previous gatherings, which will be edited and produced by the staff ^^

The project will be personally brought to the YG Office in Seoul by two wonderful unnies! ^^ So we can be sure that like the previous 3 BBPH projects, this 4th one will definitely reach the boys! ^-^

Click on the banner to find out more on how you can take part in BBPH’s 4th Project: Only BigBang!

*sings* Are you ready for SOLAR~ Solar~~~ Wooohhhyeahhh~~~!

After 2 weeks of waiting, begging and another round of begging for the love of Dong Youngbae, I FINALLY GOT MY SOLAR DELUXE EDITION COPY! Oh yeah, baby. One out of the 30,000 copies in the whole wide world, it is! 8D

SOLAR Goodness. Gawd. YB. YOU IZ MY SUN!!! Collapse )

Another grad school entry

I guess, I just can't be stopped with all the graduate school hype, eh? I sometimes really confuse myself. I love studying but I am a terrible procrastinator--which I hope I'll manage when I get myself into grad school. Well, I guess, I'd have to start with sleeping properly and getting a job. :P

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